Not gonna, lie, the last year has been difficult–personally, professionally, bookishly. My stepmom (really Mom 2.0 in many ways) was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and died before Christmas. The day job posed a lot of uncertainty and challenges with serious reorg stuff happening, layoffs, and general headless-chicken confusion. My old site got bushwhacked and hacked out the wazoo, so I had to commission a brand new one. And while I wrote a new book totally unrelated to the Bloodsounder’s Arc series, it was only after I had finished a draft of the entire thing that I realized it didn’t work that well with four alternating 3rd person POVs. Yes, I’m a knucklehead and not always terribly observant.

So I went back to the writing board and reverse engineered it (de-engineered it?) and wrote the whole thing with a first person narrator instead. Which meant a lot of heavy lifting for the revisions: a huge amount of rewriting, cutting and murdering whole hamlets of darlings, and adding a lot of new content.

Which is all to say, it’s probably good I didn’t have this site up and running, because most posts would have been, on the whole, whiny, angry, bitter, gloomy, and generally super unfun for all parties concerned. Trust me, you were spared. But I’m in a better place now all around, so figured it was time to reintroduce myself again. Hi. I’m Jeff Salyards. I’m an assclown.

For those of you curious about the new project, it’s set in the not-distant future and is sort of a (sub)urban fantasy/science fiction hybrid. With a surplus of snark, umpteen action pieces, and an adorable phasing sloth named Twitch.

My elevator speech is usually “You are trapped in a small metal box with a large bald man; he will let you out if you buy some of his books,” so I’m not going to belabor this with a detailed synopsis of the thing. The excerpt is below. Go on. Be surprised.

Three chapters