These writers never fail to impress and inspire. And cause a little jealousy.

Joe Abercrombie: To call this guy’s novels gritty is like calling the desert sandy. Well yeah. Sure. It’s also blistering hot, deadly, and oddly beautiful. Among other things.
Scott Lynch: Surely you’ve heard of The Lies Locke Lamora? Clever capers. Effervescent wit. People stabbing each other when wit fails. What’s not to like?
Patrick Rothfuss: He could write about potatoes and permafrost and somehow make it lyrical and compelling.
George R.R. Martin: I don’t even need to say anything, do I?
Paolo Bacigalupi: Wonderful new voice willing to take risks and explore deep, scary stuff most writers shy away from.
John Scalzi: He’s a briliant writer. But in addition, he’s also big on paying it forward and promoting other writers.
Richard K. Morgan: The guy writes amazing sci-fi. The guy writes killer fantasy. And seems to raise the bar with every novel.

Kickass Forums Even if you aren’t a George R.R. Martin fan, this site is ten kinds of fun. Want to learn how to shoe a horse, sew some hose, or build a Mongolian helm? Look no further.
Absolute Write: Terrific resource for writers of all stripes. Fantastic community that includes great reviews, news, and forums. Aces resource for writers trying to break into the biz or just curious about the mechanics. Ditto here. Terrific site for researching agents, who they represent, what they’re looking for, and how to avoid annoying the piss out of them or shooting yourself in the foot.


Night Shade Books: They put out fantasy, sci-fi, and horror that challenges, pushes borders, and entertains like nobody’s business. And I’m not just being a homer—they really do rock.


Michael Harriot at Folio Literary Management: The guy has represented the likes of Peter Criss, Billy Corgan, and Yogi Berra. Oh yeah, and me. How cool is that?