Yammer? Don’t mind if I do.

A Fantastical Librarian was kind enough to invite me to do an interview. Because I know you were just thinking, “I have a good life–the one everyone else knows about, and the rich interior landscape they only suspect. I feel confident with how things are going–I am loved, respected, and fulfilled. No black angst here. Things are really right as rain. But you know what would make it just a little better? Just that much finer? If I knew what Jeff Salyards was thinking right now. That would really just put the cherry on top.”

Back to the Front

Ragnarok Publications invited me to do a guest post on their site. They left it pretty open-ended, which is usually a mistake with me–I could end up writing about nachos or ninjas or the world’s smallest dog inexplicably named after a pop superstar. So I chose to write about action and first person POV.

Capt. Blather in the House

K.L. Schwengel was kind enough to invite me to virtually drop by and talk about Chains of the Heretic, flop sweat, lessons learned, and what I’m working on now. She is a hoot, and always fun to chat with.

Shoebox Time Machine

Geek Mom invited me to do a post on what made me geek out as I was writing Bloodsounder’s Arc. So, if you are curious at all about the history that helped kickstart the series, or interested in yet another installment in the ongoing Assclown Saga, this intersection is for you:

Ghost of David Foster Wallace

“Your proofreading is an affront to writerly conscience, human decency, and much of what we hold dear as Americans. If you want to know how serious I am about this, know that I’d give this draft a B+, but because of what appears to be complete disregard for the impression that missing punctuation, hyphens, ‘your’ spelled as ‘you’re’, etc. make, what I’m putting in my grade book for this is a C+/B-.

List Away, Listy Listerson

OK, per usual, I’m late to the party. In fact, it’s pretty much over. There are some people passed out on a loveseat, and someone is puking into a potted plant, and a lava lamp is still churning, but the music is off, the alcohol is gone, and it’s mostly just a bunch of empty cups now. Why is there a lava lamp, you ask? Isn’t this 2015? It is, and I don’t know. These things just happen.

A Link in the Chain

The publisher asked for an excerpt of Chains of the Heretic for sales material, and I just tweaked a chapter and sent it over. It feels very strange to let some of it out of my hands–this is the first time anyone else has seen more than a snippet. It’s sort of like watching a baby bird step out of the nest, hoping it can fly. And also not get eaten by a hawk or crash into a sliding glass door. Because those are really tricky, even for adult birds.

It Is Darkest Before the Grimdark

There’s been a lot of talk about “grimdark” of late in the old blogosphere. Assertions, contentions, defamation, an inability to agree on a definition, all over the map really. Some folks describe grimdark as any fantasy that exhibits rampant nihilism, a miserable setting overflowing with depravity, gratuitous violence, gleeful misogyny, filled with characters that are twelve shades of villain or possibly anti-hero, but no shades of decent human being or “good guy.”

Bloodsounder’s Arc Complete

First off, I’m not dead. Let’s just get that out of the way. I mean, you’re forgiven for thinking so. It’s been a looooong time since I’ve posted on here. In Internet years, it’s been about 10,450, give or take. Even the tumbleweeds have given up and blown away. I never put enough content up here for it to even charitably be called a blog, but you can’t even claim you have a live website if it has no juice at all. Now, I could roll out a bunch of heartfelt excuses about juggling a day job that has gotten crazier by the day over the last year, and being a husband and a dad while trying to wrap up the final book of a trilogy.

Back from the Wilds

OK, my poor blog has been seriously neglected here. The dust bunnies are armed and dangerous, and they are riding dust rhinos into battle. The summer was madness—both in the manic day job, as that was the busiest time of year, and in trying to crank away at Chains of the Heretic in order to get it out on schedule November 2015. That’s not really an excuse. It’s barely an explanation. But there it is.


NOTE: This originally appeared on A Fantasy Reader.

Memorial Day twenty-eight years ago was unquestionably the most devastating day of my life.

My mother and father had been divorced for years, and my father usually picked me up on Wednesday night for dinner and then had me on the weekends. Right before Memorial Day Weekend, he called and told me has wasn’t feeling great but he still hoped to pick me up on the holiday, since it was probably just a cold.

Up, Up, and Away!

It’s graduation season. Time to hand out Oh, the Places You’ll Go! and smell the fresh-cut grass and dream of bigger and better things in whatever comes next. Also a time to be a jackass.

My wife dug up a photo from my high school graduation I hadn’t seen or thought about in years. One look, and the entire episode came back in a glorious flash.